Notes on Peer to Peer "Poker Ranking"

I was the second guest on Drew Neil’s Peer to Peer interview series, hosted by Tom Stuart. I was given a programming problem about poker card-ranking. Tom Stuart sat by me and asked me questions about how I was approaching things as I worked on the problem. I had lots of fun filming that video: you can watch the episode here.

A hub of developers?

I asked the audience at the Bacon 2014 conference to vote for their favourite collective noun for developers. The most mentioned words were "hub", "stack" and "heap". Out of those three, my personal favourite is "hub".

What is the collective noun for developers?

BACON: May 17, 2014 Slides Video

Scraping the TFL Oyster journey history

I wrote a Ruby script (with a sprinkle of Poltergeist/PhantomJS) to scrape my Transport for London Oyster journey history.

Mondrian cake

I attempted to make the SFMOMA Mondrian cake this weekend. This was a long but fun process with a very tasty result. I am publishing some making-of pictures and video.